AP History Assignment 2

Topics: Massachusetts, New England, Plymouth Colony Pages: 2 (472 words) Published: January 1, 2015
Nafeesa Rahman.
Summer Assignment #2, Chapter 3 of AP U.S. History.
Mr. Mcfeely.

1) Puritans did not want to separate from the Church of England. They wanted to "purify" it of practices they considered too Catholic. The Puritans believed that the holy Church did not abide by the biblical commands strong enough, and so they didn’t like that virtuous morals. Pilgrims, on the other hand, were also called Separatists because they wanted to break all ties with the Church of England. They soon, fled from England around the early 1600’s, after being persecuted for their beliefs around.

2) The Mayflower compact and New England town meetings contributed to democratic governments in the colonies through open-town meetings. It allowed the adult male settlers to form their own self-government where everyone could share their thought processes.

3) Their argument was ironic because Roger Williams didn’t want religious oppression, and in response the Puritans got disbanded from the colony and he fled to Rhode Island, which was commonly known for it’s freedom of Religion. Later on, Puritans had an argument with Anne Hutchinson about the same issue as well; she believed that the worship of God can be done within homes, and people didn’t have to attend only Church for every Religious purposes. The puritans kicked Hutchinson out as well, and she also flew off to Rhode Island, blessed with the freedom of Religion in return.

4) The causes of King Philip’s War were that Colonies ended up winning the war, leaving majority of the Native Americans being harmed, reduced in numbers and dispirited from their land. King Philip himself, ended up dying as well. Long-term effects of this war on Native Americans were that they were affected by different diseases, such as small-pox, spotted-fever and much more. This was also caused by the infected blankets given to them by the colonists/settlers of the land. Long-term effects of this war on Colonists were that they...
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