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Topics: Ancient Greece, Greece, Alexander the Great Pages: 3 (770 words) Published: August 28, 2013
Joe LIcari
Chapter 4
Ancient Greece
Study Guide
Epic Poem- long poem that tells the deeds of a great hero
Arete- The level of excellence heroes strived for
Minoans- Had ships that took Knossos to Egypt; first Greek city state Mycenaeans- People believed destruction was a cause of this mainland group of Greeks; first Greek civilization Homer- Composed epic poems. Wrote the Lliad and the Odyssey Aegean Sea- Sea that the Greeks sailed on in early ages

Black Sea- Sea that Greeks sailed across to make contact to outside world Crete- Island southeast of Greek mainland
Ionia- Strip of territory on the Western shores of Asia Minor; between Greek and Persian empire; constantly under siege Dark Ages- (1100-750) Time where Greek population and food production declined. Not much info. Polis- A Greek city-state

Acropolis- The top of a hill where the Greeks went to for refuge Agora- An open area (market place)
Hoplites- Armed foot infantry soldiers
Phalanx- A military formation
Democracy- A gov’t led by people of rule or many
Oligarchy- Rule by the few
Helots- The people captured by the Spartans
Ephors- A group of 5 men that were responsible for education Aristotle- A Greek philosopher that argued against the politic rights Solon- A reform-minded aristocrat that canceled land debts and freed people ; not give land Cleisthenes- A reformer that gained an upper hand after Solon Athens- A very unified polis by the 700 BC

Hellespont- A city that the Greeks set up
Bosporus- A city the Greeks set up
Byzantium- The most notable city of the Greeks
Sparta- A war-based territory around 730 BC
Age of Pericles- The period of Greek and Athenian history
Direct Democracy- Where people participate directly in government-decision making Ostracism- The practice of abandoning a person to protect themselves Darius- A Persian ruler who had to do with the Ionian revolt Xerxes- The leader of the Persians destroyed the Greeks

Delian League- A defensive alliance against the...
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