Ap exploration outline

Topics: Herbert Hoover, Great Depression, President of the United States Pages: 3 (857 words) Published: May 28, 2014

I. Prehistory
A. Bering Land Bridge
B. Hundreds of independent tribes
C. Civilizations – Mayans – Central, Incas – South, Aztecs – Mexico
D. Mount Builders – Ohio

II. Early Discoverers
Vikings – Leif Ericsson – Greenland – Northern Canada – 1000 AD Italian Christopher Columbus – for Spain – 1492 - Guanahani

III. Spanish/Portugese Exploration
Reasons for exploring
Wealthy nations – gold based
Renaissance – optimism/humanism – we can do anything
Trade routes
Printing press – ideas spread
Mariner’s compass – exploration possible
Spain – peace w/ Isabella and Ferdinand uniting plus no Moors/Muslims Conquistadores – Spanish – gold/glory – fighting tradition Portugal
Looking water route to Asia – brought slavery from Africa
Treaty of Tordesillas – 1494 – Pope divides New World
Brazil to Portugal – Rest to Spain

IV. Explorers – conquest – weapons + disease + use rival tribes Ponce de Leon – fountain of youth
Pizarro – defeated Incas
Cortez – defeated Aztecs/Montezuma

V. Spanish
A. Encomienda System – Spaniard gets land and all inhabitants become laborers
B. Missions – Junipero Serra – San Diego + 21 missions
a. Spread religion – centers of trade/education
b. “Black Legend” – missionaries kill Indians – disease kind of true

VI. Exchange of goods
Improved diet of Europeans – corn, tobacco, tomato, avocado – balanced Cattle, horses, germs to New World

The Great Depression was a time of severe poverty and un-employment for Americans. After the roaring twenties and the stock market crash with poor credit in the banks, everything went down hill and the next two presidents were faced with a major crisis. Through different policies and administrations, the presidents tried their best to save America and keep it floating. Presidents: Herbert Hoover and Franklin Delano Roosevelt both had very different political views and created different organizations to attempt to try to fix America's economy.

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