Ap European Russia Timeline

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1462-1522 Reign of Ivan III (the great)
-annexes many of the surrounding territories
1533-1584 Reign of Ivan the Terrible
-First czar of Russia
-Conquers Mongol territories and gets Russia a Caspian Sea port 1584-1613 Time of Troubles
-anarchy and civil war
-Poland invades Russia
1613 Michael Romanov is elected by an assembly of nobles to be tsar
-beginning of the Romanov dynasty which ruled Russia until 1917
-brought stability to end the time of troubles
-country was still weak and impoverished
1682 Peter the Great becomes tsar ruling with his half brother Ivan V until 1696 (his sister is regent until 1689)
-came to power by the streltsy (guards of the Moscow garrison)
-creates modern European power
-promotes western culture
-builds the new capital St. Petersburg
1756 Start of 7 years war
-Russia, France, Austria, Spain against Prussia and Great Britain 1762-1798 Catherine II (the great) as tsarina of Russia
-makes Russia one of the strongest European powers
1768 Russian-ottoman war
1798-1801 Period of mass expansion and annexation
1802 Alexander I becomes tsar of Russia
1804 First war with Persia
1812 Napoleon invades Russia…. Russia burns Moscow to worsen the effects of the harsh winter on France. Russian resistance holds off the invasion until Napoleon's defeat in 1814. 1825 Nicholas I becomes tsar of Russia

1826 Second war against Persia
1853 Crimean war
-France, Britain, and Ottoman Empire fight against Russia
-Russia suffers a humiliating defeat
1861 Alexander II
-frees the serfs
-launches reform
1878 Congress of Berlin
-grants Serbia and Montenegro independence
1881 Alexander II assassinated … Alexander III comes to the throne 1894 Nicholas II becomes tsar

1904 Russo-Japanese war: Russia loses
-Revolution of 1905 forces Nicholas II to accept parliament and constitution. 1914-1917 WWI
-Russia was on the side of Britain, France, Italy, and later he U.S
-Wins most battles against...
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