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Topics: Protestant Reformation, Christianity, Indulgence Pages: 2 (345 words) Published: January 14, 2013
Carter Auth
Period 1
AP Euro
FRQ Outline
During the 15th century, the Catholic Church began to shift. One person that played a big role in the reformation of the church was Martin Luther. Luther started to beak from the Catholic Church and helped spread Protestantism. This break from the church could easily lead to believe Luther was a revolutionary both politically and social. Socially he translated the bible creating for a way for the people to interpret the bible instead of listening to what the church said the bible said. Politically Luther stood up to the church. Luther was not only revolutionary, but very much conservative as well. When the Peasants Revolt’ of 1525 occurred, Luther was upset with the up rise and angry with the peasants treatment towards the authorities. Luther was also a conservative in the aspect that all he was really trying to do was restore Catholicism and return Christianity to its original perspectives of earlier days. Although Luther was conservative in the fact that he just wanted to reform Catholicism back to the way it was, he was also revolutionary because he created a new branch of Christianity and in many different ways revolted against power. 1. Revolutionary

a. Social
i. Stood down to the Holy Roman Emperor & pope 1. Refused to recant
ii. Translated the bible
2. Created a way for the people to interpret the bible 3. Caused people to want to learn how to read
b. Political
iii. Stood up the church
4. Reduced the abuses of power in the church
iv. 95 Theses
5. Used to overthrow and revolt against Catholic Church 2. Conservative
c. Social
v. Stopped people of being robbed of money being paid to the church 6. Was against the sale of indulgences
vi. Disapproved the Peasant Revolts’ of 1525
7. Didn’t mean for the revolts against the church...
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