Ap Euro Frq: Age of European Explorations

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AP Euro
Age of European Explorations
The renaissance’s curiosity helped pave the way for the European age of exploration, which took place from 1450 to 1525. There were many factors, including technological, economic, political, and religious ones. The age was promoted by many specific factors, including the invention of caravels and other nautical inventions, the commercial and price revolutions, the new monarchs, and the constant growth that the Catholic faith wanted. “God, glory, and gold” paved the way for the age of exploration.

The technological advances during the age of exploration allowed sailors to go much further much faster, therefore promoting the age. Prior to the 15th centuries, most ships being sailed were barge like, and very fragile. These were suitable for the Mediterranean, and were widely used by Portugal and Spain. However when the thought of traveling over the Atlantic Ocean came up, they needed to make a ship that was better suited for the new conditions. They created the caravel, a larger, more advanced vessel that could last longer lengths of times at sea, and could hold more cargo, which meant greater profits. With the expansion of the ocean, and more water being covered in a voyage, there was an increased threat of pirates. To counteract this threat, the cannon was invented, which is a weapon that was used to protect the boats and cargo from these pirates. Another important invention was the compass, which helped the sailors know where they were while in fog. Another invention was that of the astrolabe, which calculated latitude. These inventions and many more helped the age of exploration go forth by sophisticating sea travel and making it lengthier and more profit bearing.

The 15th and early 16th centuries saw a major boom in Europe’s economy. This was led by mercantilism, a policy that a country should work to gain as much money as possible by whatever means. The belief was that the richer the nation, the more...
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