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Greek Independence
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In the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries Greeks living in the Ottoman Empire were subject to oppression. However, the Greeks were unhappy with their conditions. Many others (besides the Greeks in the Ottoman Empire) including Greek nationalists and foreigners also pitied the Greeks in that region. It was those sympathetic feeling which fostered ideas of freedom and independence for the Greeks. Naturally, the Ottoman Turks were opposed to this idea.

“Go search for Athens…” urged writer Syned Davis in a poem to Dr. Thomas Taylor. In other words Davis was saying the Greeks should have freedom and not be forced to deal with the constraints of the Turks (Doc1). Greek exiles in Italy agreed with Davis. In the pamphlet “A Word About Freedom” Greeks are told to resist the Ottomans, hence seek liberty because the Turks are imposing injustice (Doc6). Claude Etienne Savary, a French scholar of both Greek and Arabic stated he “…would wish to excite all of Europe to combine against these Turks who have crushed the Greek nation.” He also held the biased opinion that the Ottomans had done the Greeks wrong and Greeks deserve their opinion (Doc3). Alexander Mavrocordato in the “Declaration to the Christian Powers” says that “in a word humanity, religious interest all plead in their favor.” He meant the Greeks in this statement. He was another person who held the belief that the strong determined Greeks should have liberty (Doc10). With all these notions for Greek independence Greeks are often cited as big benefactors in Europe’s development. According to Alexandros Kalphohlou the Greeks are very receptive people. They don’t judge foreigners and are more than willing to contribute (Doc4). Percy Blythe Shelly, an English poet, agreed. He said, “We are all Greeks.” In other words we have taken a lot from their society and culture. Therefore Greece should have their independence (Doc7).

The Greeks were subject to a lot of...
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