AP Chapter 13 Manifest Destiny

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Unit 5 – Chapter 13: Immigration, Expansion and Sectional Conflict (Boyer, 369-395)
1. Identify the two biggest sources of immigration to the United States between 1840 and 1860. List THREE ways that these groups differed?

2. Explain the rise of Nativism during the 1840s. What ignited the 1844 “Bible Riots” in Philadelphia?

3. How did the Massachusetts Supreme Court case of Commonwealth vs. Hunt impact labor unions?

4. Why did “new” immigrants generally favor the Democrats over the Whigs?

5. What economic and political forces encouraged westward expansion during the 1840s?
“California Bank Notes”:

Santa Fe Trail:

American settlement of Texas and the Texas Revolution (Tejanos, Stephen F. Austin, and Sam Houston):

Overland Trails to Oregon (beaver trade) and California (the Donner Party):

6. How did John Tyler sabotage the Whig political agenda (a new national bank and a revenue tariff)?

7. Why was the Webster-Ashburton Treaty popular in the North?

8. Why did the Senate reject Secretary of State Calhoun’s original treaty annexing Texas?

9. How did Dark Horse Democrat James K. Polk manage to broaden the appeal of annexing Texas? How did Whig candidate Henry Clay alienate many potential supporters?

10. What effect did the emergence of the Liberty Party have on the election of 1844?

11. Read Technology and Culture, The Telegraph, and answer Questions for Analysis:

12. Why did most expansionists favor Manifest Destiny?

13. Why did working class readers of the penny press (cheap newspapers) favor the continuation of slavery?

14. Explain President Polk’s objectives in initially demanding all of Oregon from Great Britain (“54-40 or fight!”)

15. How did Polk instigate war with Mexico?

16. Explain how the following influenced the Mexican-American War (1846-1848):
Zachary Taylor:

Winfield Scott:

Stephen Kearny

John C. Fremont, “The Great Pathfinder”

“Bear Flag” Republic:

American advantages:


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