Ap Argumentative Essay

Topics: Federal Communications Commission, Newton N. Minow, Hypochondriasis Pages: 1 (328 words) Published: May 23, 2013
AP Language Period 5
11 March 2013
AP Practice – Argumentative Essay

Newton Minow, Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission or FCC, closed his 1961 speech with, "The power of instantaneous sight and sound is without precedent … and it has limitless capabilities for good and evil”. This statement absolutely resignates with today’s media and technology, especially how it relates to the Internet.

The abundance of information one can access on the Internet is truly overwhelming. Within seconds, one can attain understanding about anything and everything. The Internet has changed the world forever. Now, people across continents do not have to take hours out of their day to research a topic because with search engines, most questions are answered. People can access and find answers their questions faster than ever because of the Internet. However, it is unclear how accurate and reliable sources from the Internet can be to someone.

For example, self-diagnosing is becoming a huge problem in American and other societies. One might look up some “symptoms” he/she is experiencing and automatically believe that they have some rare disease and are destined to die. Hypochondria is when one obsesses over their health; it is sometimes phrased as health anxiety. With the Internet in hand, hypochondriacs furiously go through many search engines trying to find cures for any disorders they believe they might have. Some might even try to use home remedies found on the Internet for things that they don’t even have, which can actually be harmful to their bodies. In place of going to a doctor to see if something is seriously wrong, the Internet provides a place for all to self-diagnose and self-treat themselves, mostly inaccurately.

The Internet can be used for both good and evil. It offers a quick and easy answer to everything. Therefore, many use it everyday to save time. It is our own task to find out if what advice we are following is true or not.
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