Ap Angela's Ashes Analysis

Topics: Syntactic entities, Word, Independent clause Pages: 3 (990 words) Published: January 19, 2012
Nathan Kosinski
AP English Summer Work
Style Analysis Sheet: Angela’s Ashes

General Purpose

• What is your overall impression of the work?
Overall, I felt that Angela’s Ashes was written in an especially noticeable personal manner. I felt this was so due to Frank McCourt’s lack of proper grammar. This gave the entire memoir a personal feel, which made the contents of the story feel as if they were being voiced, not written. • What is the most striking part of the work?

I felt the most striking part of the work was when McCourt gets his first job in the post office. Frank really expressed within his memoir how getting a job was a very important step toward becoming a man for him. Now Frank could support his family with a steady income, which his father was never able to do due to his drinking habits.


• Are most of the words in the work abstract of concrete? List some examples. Most of the words within Angela’s Ashes were concrete. Some examples of abstract words are happiness (pg 30), feeling (pg 30), faith (pg 130). Some examples of concrete words are playground (pg 31), fire (pg 273), and child (pg 273). • Are there any unfamiliar or unusual words or usages? List them. Some of the words that were unfamiliar to me within the memoir were loquacious (pg 11), docket (pg 66), venial (pg 126), and resplendent (pg 288). • Does the passage use either first or second person pronouns? Angela’s Ashes uses first person pronouns.

• Are verbs or verbals especially noticeable? List vivid examples. Some of verbs and verbals that were especially noticeable were clamoring (pg 182), clogged (pg 264), oozes (pg 265), slathered (pg 274), and fester (pg 291). • Are adjectives or adverbs especially vivid? List examples. Some of the adjectives and adverbs that were especially vivid were thinning (pg 12), collapsing (pg 12), frilly (pg 127), quivering (pg 251), dreary (pg 292), and delicate (pg 298).


• Are the sentences...
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