ao2 health and social

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Health and social
Planning a campaign A03

AO1-Promoting Good Health

What is health?
Health is the general condition of a person in all aspects, it can be defined in many different ways as it’s a huge factors. Health is defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) as; health is a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Health affects a lot of thing; having overall good health brings huge advantages. Being good overall means having perfect physical, mental, social, society health. This is something called having holistic health, ‘holistic’ means whole. The holistic approach takes the broadest possible view of illness and disease, identifying multiple causes (both internal and external).

Types of health;
This how your body performs in either every day or more challenging activities. Keeping up with your physical health is very important as it includes doing exercise and maintaining good body shape. Having good physical health can bring a lot of advantages such as; looking healthy, feeling healthy, can make you look younger, keep your heart young. Having bad physical health can lead to obesity, diabetes Physical health is the easiest aspect to see and measure as it can be visible externally. Mental:

Mental health is all about a state of mind, being stressed, tensed, depressed, are all causes to bad mental health. The term mental illness is used when someone is having changes in there thinking, feeling or behaviour. Emotional and mental health are very similar as they are both to do with the mind. Emotional

Emotional health is only shown inside us, more about our feelings and mind. Lot of people manage their physical health better then emotional health. Physical health is sometimes visible on us however something like emotions are inside and hidden. Emotional health means being able to cope with depression stress and anxiety. Keeping issues and problems inside can cause real harm, really bad emotional health can lead to breakdowns, suicidal feelings, self-harm and over reacting. Social

Social health is about maintaining healthy relationships, this could be friendships or family. You can make friends easily, and keep them. Being friendly, trustworthy, love and respect is very important and will help with being more social. spiritual

Spirituality is different for every individual as it reveals a sense of you are either religiously, your own personal beliefs or even principles. This affects your everyday life and health differently. societal

Is to do with the environment around us, something affects everyone without us noticing. A person health is linked to everything in the society that surrounds the person. For example if there is a person that is living in house with damp, cold all the time with no heating. They are likely to keep getting ill.

Looking after your health Is about looking after yourself internally and externally. Having perfect is what everyone wants, no one wants to be ill or feeling unwell. Some people do not know how to achieve good health; I feel it’s about balancing everything out equally. Looking after yourself through all aspects and the advantages are rewarding. When a person is in good health they are able to enjoy everything that life offer, having good health offers freedom and independency not relying on anyone for daily activities. The meaning of health is different for each individual, As its experienced differently, for example people have varied pain threshold so one person may go to the GP for a cold or flu however another person may just ignore the symptoms and carry on with their everyday life. There’s an old saying which says ‘health equals wealth’ which had two meaning one was that if your healthy you’re more likely to earn more money as you do not pay for medicine, treatment and also you are more...
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