Anything: Winter and Disadvantages Tourism

Topics: Baltic Sea, Winter, Latvia Pages: 1 (331 words) Published: October 11, 2013
Tourism is a necessary evil in my country.

In spite of discussions about advantages and disadvantages tourism is the most popular free time activity in the world. It gives benefit for country, tourists and also for local inhabitants. From other side there are some negative aspects in tourism industry such like a conflict between nations, redemption of private property and one season tourism.

As well as we know the economical situation in Latvia is very critical, so the development of tourism would be a one of solution to improve it. Firstly, it will decrease unemployment, because we would have to open a new work places to cope with the demand from tourists. Secondly, it will give extra money to government’s budget from taxes. In addition inhabitants improve their language skills and meet a new ethnicities.

Conversely, tourism has its negative side. Tourism in Latvia is remunerative only in summer season in cities like Jurmala, Ventspils, Liepaja and other cities that are in the coast of Baltic Sea where we can offer water sideshows, concerts and restaurants, but in winter season we do not have to offer anything remarkable, because our mountains are very small for winter sports entertainment. Nevertheless, we do not have a guarantee, that the money from tourism will be invested in the economic, because the people do not trust the government. In addition, there can be an unacceptable behaviour from some tourists, that with their intrusion cause to somebody inconveniences and can bring a unexpected national problems. Lastly, one powerful argument against tourism is that a rich tourists like Russians can buy out a private property of Latvia so we can loose some part of independence.

In conclusion, tourism in Latvia is perspective only in summer season. It can bring a development of country as well create a new problems. In my opinion tourism is necessary in my country, but we have to carefully plan it if we want to be a competitive country in...
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