Anything is Possible

Topics: Barack Obama, Human rights, United States Pages: 2 (648 words) Published: February 11, 2014
Anything is Possible
I have recently completed my research work based on American Dream. The title of the research is “Evolution of American Dream: A Comparative Analysis of Fitzgerald, Thompson and Walls”. This study area deals with American Dream notion of Americans over eighty five years’ time span; starting from 1920 and ending in early 21st Century. I would admit this that while studying American history I was startled to know about problems of American society in this time period. It was bewildering journey for me to find out America as a nation. For common young Pakistani, America symbolizes as a perfect land of opportunities, where rags to riches could be accomplished. However while reading American history it was not artistically that perfect land and beautiful as once I imagined.

Women in America were unable to cast their vote till 1920s. It was after World War 1, that women were given their basic right to vote. America known as ‘model democratic state’ today does not hold much glorious history. It was for more than a century that black people were pleading for equal status and equal right. It was a different type of apartheid prevailing in America. In American constitutional law it was stated that blacks were ‘separate but equal’. This concept was however, unknown and absurd for the Human Right Activists. After King Martin Luther speech in 1963, Americans finally geared up for erasing clear violation of basic rights on bases of color. In 1960s, America indulged itself in infamous Vietnam War, resulting extraordinary side effects on its own youth by introducing counter culture movement. This counter culture was based on drug, sex and pop culture. It destroyed the youth of that time as they became drug addict to escape the harshness and brutality of the war. American society was divided in many fragments. Recently, America also faced thrush back to its economy in the face of ‘Great Recession’ in 2008. Nevertheless America today can be viewed more...
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