Topics: Blizzard, Storm, Precipitation Pages: 1 (304 words) Published: June 3, 2014
Blizzards and Hurricanes

There are many differences and similarities between blizzards and hurricanes. Both share many aspects in common. For example, numerous people witnessed both phenomenons at some point in time. Blizzards and hurricanes can have an adverse impact on human lives and damage trees and property. While blizzards involve heavy snowfall, hurricanes have heavy torrential rains with intense winds. Hurricanes and blizzard are known to have caused substantial property damage. Electricity is often lost in both storms. There are several differences between blizzards and hurricanes. Blizzards are cold being that they are snow storms they can sustain winds of 35 mph for 3 hours with visibility of less than 1/4 of a mile covering an area of up to 600 mile. Hurricanes however, have winds of 74 miles an hour or greater and can also cover an area of 600 miles. While one can’t drown in snow and blizzard won't sweep ones house, roofs can collapse due to the weight of the snow collected during such a storm. It is a well-known fact that in hurricanes people often lose both their homes and there are many stories of people drowning due to floods conditions. Conversely, humans can get frostbite or die of hypothermia in a blizzard due to being stranded in their cars. Wind chill can be -50 degrees centigrade. While hurricanes can afflict community for days most blizzards are usually relatively short-lived and usually blow for 3 hours in a day. Both hurricanes and blizzards can be very dangerous and destructive. I have been in both. I have lived in North Dakota for 29 years and I have lived in Florida now for 14 years. So I know about the blizzards and hurricanes. Neither one is fun to be in only if you are a kid and you get to stay home and watch cartoons and play with your toys.
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