Anya the Mistress of Darkness

Topics: Anxiety, Sleep, Fear Pages: 3 (1132 words) Published: August 24, 2013
Fear can always be transformed into admiration, be it by rational means or perhaps enticed by a higher deity. In one specific case, it was pre-ordained to her delight. A human granted powers that rivaled a god, which could shift the balance of the world, all in the palms of one child. Her name is Anya, the Mistress of Darkness. Whilst Anya grew up, she dared never to sleep without a source of light. She had begged her parents to watch as she fell asleep at night, scared of the looming shadows stretched across her room. As she grew older her parents had decided that she had outgrown her fears and removed her light, her salvation. Anya begged them over and over not to remove it but her voice fell on deaf ears, her parents reasoning echoed again in her head. “You’ve outgrown it Anya! Just try it…please?” They would always say to calm her worry. However as night fell, she hid under her covers and shook with fear, her mind focused on the shadows that would try and steal her away. At the slightest creak in her room, she screamed terrified. She threw her covers over her and ran for the door, only to be inches away before warm hands reached out and grabbed her. Anya thrashed fruitlessly as her parents voices cut through the darkness. It was only her mother and father, worried for her sake and came to check up on her. As realization hit her, she sobbed bitterly in their arms as they soothed her with calming words. They had decided to allow Anya to have her night light back, in hopes of quelling her fear slowly. For a few fortnights Anya slept soundly and happily with her salvation returned. However within one night, her light flickered slowly then shut off. Anya had been tossing and turning, unable to sleep that very night and her heart nearly stopped as the room flooded with darkness. She whimpered softly, unable to call out to anyone for help. She threw the covers over her face, hoping to find some sanctity, a safe haven, for herself. After what had seemed to be hours,...
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