Any Student Caught Cheating During Final Exams Should Be Automatically Dismissed

Topics: School terminology, Final examination, Examinations Pages: 2 (512 words) Published: April 27, 2013
Cheating means do something for personal gain or cause harm to others. There are many reasons people want to cheat. Mostly, they are cheating for their own sake. Based on student problems nowadays, they prefer more to cheat during final exams because they want to get a good result or pass in examination. However, when they always cheating during exam and never get a severely punishment, it will cause a tendency for students to always cheating in exam. The serious reaction should be taken by those responsible people. There are many reasons to agree any student caught cheating during final exams should be automatically dismissed because it is to give justice to the students who have worked hard, to produce high quality graduates and as a lesson to the students.

The first reasons why I agree is because to give justice to the students who have worked hard. Some students, they are already know that their friend is cheating during exams, but they are afraid to report to the invigilator because fear it will affect their friendship. But, as a human, they will feel dissatisfaction because it is not justice to them. Students who have study hard definitely will feel it is unfair and feel stress if they know students who has cheating get higher marks than them, while they were worked very hard to get a good result. It can make the students who are not cheating being lazy to study for another exam.

Secondly, student caught cheating during final exams should be automatically dismissed to produce high quality graduates. If the students really understand the subject that they learned, surely they will not cheating in exams. Student who was cheated in examinations shows that they are not responsible person. Besides that, they are needed to achieving Vision 2020. A high quality graduates must have a good personal characteristics such as innovative, productive, and responsible towards everybody. If they like to cheat, could our generation live in an environment that full...
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