Any Given Sunday (Theme: Communication)

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1. Movie Summary / Synopsis

American Football is a popular team sportin the United States. With roots beginning in 1869, the full contact sport has become known as a defining feature of American culture. Players are regularly hit by opposing teams with a huge amount of force and this poses huge risk of serious injuries such as concussions. Professional athletes in the sport are regarded as the definition of an “alpha-male” in American society and have become the aspirations for their fans. It is against this backdrop that the sport has also been seen as having a warrior culture where the sport is treated like a war. Athletes march onto a field not to play a game, but go into the field as fighters that needs to win a battle.

Oliver Stone directed the movie ‘Any Given Sunday’ in 1999. This was the director’s attempt at portraying what happens in a professional team involved in the sport. The film features a well-known cast with Al Pacino, Cameron Diaz and Jamie Foxx in leading roles.

The main protagonist of the movie is Tony D’Amato (Pacino) who is the coach for the team Miami Sharks. The club is owned by Christina Pagniacci (Diaz) who inherited it from her father after he passed away. Willie Beamen (Foxx) is a quarterback who gets his break and needs to deal with the stardom that comes with it.

The film is set towards the end of the current season with only a few games left to play. The club has not been performing well and is at risk of missing the playoffs. The veteran coach is under heavy pressure to perform by the team management. Throughout the season, the attacking team of the club has relied heavily on their star quarterback Jack Rooney who is approaching retirement.

Disaster struck after Jack was heavily injured in the middle of the game. The 2nd choice brought in to replace him was also injured not long after and had to be taken out as well. As a last resort, Willie who was the third choice and last quarterback available came into the game. The club lost as Willie’s failure to follow the play reflects on his lack of playing time for most of the season.

With the coaching staff support, Willie improved his game and was able to lead the team to victory in the next couple of games allowing the club to earn a place in the playoffs.

There were many conflicts in the movie. The coach is at the centre of the storm most of the time as he has to deal with Christina’s expectations and also handle the increasing attention given to Willie who may risk jeopardizing the harmony of the team.

Entering the first round of playoffs, some of the conflicts were able to be resolved. The coaching staff and players were in alignment and understood that victory was the priority. The team were also motivated by a very inspiring pep talk given by the coach at the beginning of the game. At half time, the tension between the club owner and the coach came to a head over the issue of player selection. The club was still able to win the game but did not go on to win the championship.

The movie ends with a press conference held by the club to announce the end of the coach’s relationship with the club but there was still a final twist when we came to know the future direction for some of the main characters.

2. OBD Concepts and Theories Projected in the movie

Communication is taken from Latin word “commūnicāre” which means to share.Meanwhile online Oxford dictionary defines communication as an act to impart or exchange of information like exchanging ideas, attitudes, feelings, gestures and others. Communication is a process of transferring information/message from sender via a channel and then received and decoded by the receiver. The information/message can be conveyed by several mediums and methods. Communication would involve two parties; the sender and the receiver (the one...

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