Topics: Anxiety, Psychology, Fear Pages: 3 (1061 words) Published: May 12, 2014
Introduction: The second part of the 20th Century has been variously designated as the “age of stress”, or “age of anxiety”, while stress and anxiety are universal human experiences, intrinsic to the human condition, the nature of the specific environmental stimuli evoking stress and anxiety emotions has changed remarkably over the year. (Gaudry. E and Spielberger, C.D,1971:04). Definition of anxiety: Every one sometimes experiences anxiety in one form or another and in varying degrees. It involves a pattern of physiological and psychological reactions like feeling of stress and emotions. As such, anxiety can seriously inhibit the ability of concentration and dealing with things in a more positive may. It is considered as an unpleasant state evoking avoided behaviors and defenses. It can also be defined as a specific emotion necessary for an individual to prepare himself for potential danger and threatening situations. Many researchers found that anxiety is still unclear and not easy to define in simple sentences. (Brown, 2007). Spielberger (1983:1) also defined anxiety as: “The subjective feeling of tension, apprehension, nervousness, and worry associated with an arousal of the automatic nervous system”.(Spielberger, 1983: 1, cited in Brown, 2007). Mussen et al (1974) concluded that: “Anxiety is not a pathological condition is itself but a necessary and normal physiological and mental preparation for danger … anxiety is necessary for the survival of the individual under certain circumstances. Failure to apprehend danger and to prepare for it may have disastrous results.(Mussen et al, 1974: 387).3. Anxiety as a learned response: Social learning theory focuses not on the internal conflict but on ways in which anxiety becomes associated with certain situation via learning. Sometimes fears learned in childhood are very difficult to extinguish. Since the first reaction is to avoid or escape the anxiety producing situation; the child will not get a chance to find out...
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