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Jonathon James
Nov 27th, 2013
Antz Writing Assignment
In the movie Antz, there were a variety of types of governments shown. The main one demonstrated by General Mandible, was fascism or also known as nazism. General Mandible uses his army to make the other ants in the colony behave. There are many different situations shown in this movie to prove that General Mandible uses Fascism or Nazism in this movie. Whereas, on the other hand, Z wants a direct democracy. He wants everyone to say what they have to say and treats everyone evenly. The first reason showing that General Mandible is using a fascism or nazism is that he does not care about every individual ant; he only cares about his colony. He does not care about what any ant has to say and whatever he says, that is what is going to happen. Whereas Z says that everyone should speak out. Also everyone is the same. In the movie, Z says that everyone should think for themselves and that. There are also many other places where General Mandible demonstrates a Nazism or a fascism type of government is that he imprisoned people when they did not so anything wrong. An example of this was when Z ran away and General Mandible imprisoned Weaver. Since Weaver did not do anything wrong, General Mandible should not have been allowed is imprison him. Z on the other hand wants the colony to be run as a democracy. As the colony was making a ladder, Z says that we are a colony, implying that everyone is just as important to one another. Also in the end when everyone gets up safely, he says that we did it, not I did it. There were many other types of governments shown in this movie as well but these two showed the major two in the movie. Even though Z did not use the direct democracy, it is what he wanted to be used and it is what would have been used if Z had been the leader.
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