Antwone Fisher Essay

Topics: Child abuse, Foster care, Domestic violence Pages: 2 (677 words) Published: December 6, 2014

The movie focuses on Antwone "Fish" Fisher, a temperamental young man with a violent history who is serving in the U.S. Navy. His father was killed before he was born, and his teenage mother, Eva Mae Fisher, ended up arrested soon after and put in jail, where she gave birth to him. He was then placed in an orphanage until such time as she was released and could claim him. Since she had not yet claimed him, Antwone was placed in a foster home at the age of two. The foster home was ran by a supposedly religious couple, Mr. and Mrs. Tate. While residing in the home, Antwone faced mental and physical abuse by Mrs. Tate for many years until he finally left the home at age fourteen. After living out on the streets for the next few years, he decided to join the U.S. Navy to make something out of his life. Antwone had faced an extremely rough life as a child which resulted in him obtaining a violent temper at this point in his life.

After getting into a fight with a fellow sailor, Antwone is sentenced by orders of his captain to be demoted, fined, and restricted to the ship for 45 days. His commanding officer also orders him to go to psychiatric treatment. Antwone goes in to meet Dr. Jerome Davenport. Davenport attempts to get him to open up, but Antwone is at first extremely resistant. After being released from therapy with a second chance, Antwone got into a physical altercation which he to him being arrested. Davenport meets him in jail, where Antwone confides he was sexually abused as a child by Nadine Tate, a member of the Tate household. Due to the lack of a parenting network or extended family, the abuse and neglect of Antwone Fisher impacted him in a highly negative manner. These actions led him to become angry, violent, stubborn, distant, and

very untrusting of others in fear of being hurt. Antwone was forced into being categorized as an “at-risk” youth by the lack of intervention, resources, and services that were actually available but not...
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