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Topics: Attachment theory, Foster care, Psychology Pages: 14 (4048 words) Published: March 12, 2011
Over the years, many social scientists have offered a number of theories to explain personality trait and development. But while this debate continues, one aspect of personality development continues to engender a great deal of controversy: personality pathology. This area of concentration seems to have garnered more attention in recent years, as experts scramble to offer explanations and analysis for what appears to be a general decline in the moral fabric of American society, fueled by what appears to be a general coarsening of civility among certain segments of our population. Are more people simply being born with personality disorders that ultimately lead them down this path? Not so according to the basic principles of the psychodynamic theory.

The psychodynamic theory offers three basic constructs to understanding personality pathology: ego strength, defense style and mental representation of self and others. In this paper, the primary elements of the psychodynamic theory will be used to analyze the main character in the film Antwone Fisher. The psychopathology of the character will be identified, and an analysis through structure, process, growth and development and change will be explored. The role of the id, ego and super ego will be used to outline personality development and reasons for the evolution of psychopathology, along with the necessary adjustment needed to effectuate change when a flawed or less than desirable personality is allowed to emerge.

|Psychodynamic Theory |STRUCTURE |PROCESS |GROWTH & DEVELPOMENT |PSYCHOPATHOLOGY |CHANGE | | |The lack of positive|The process of |Antwon’s, growth and |The actual nature of |Antwone was able to | | |emotional and |Antwon’s anger and |development was |Antwone’s disordered or |address and adjust his | | |motivational forces |violence is directly|stewarded by the |altered personality was the |psychopathology with the | | |on a subconscious |connected to his |neglect and |young man’s anger and |assistance of a | | |level served as the |early childhood |abandonment of his |violent propensity—he |psychiatrist. Through the| | |building block of |development. More |parents, as well as |assaulted a fellow Navy |psychodynamic approach to | | |Antwon’s |specifically, his |the emotional, |man—along with an inability |therapy, he developed the | | |personality. The |ego, which is rooted|physical and sexual |to have an intimate, sexual |understanding and courage | | |neglect—lack of |in reality, is at |abuse he suffered |relationship with his |to find his biological | | |love, emotional |odds with his id, |while he was in |girlfriend. The specific |mother. He also located | | |emptiness— he |which seeks to avoid|foster care. The |cause is rooted in poor |the family of his deceased| | |suffered at the |pain and his |interaction of |object relations, healthy |father; confronted his | | |hands of his mother |super-ego or his |emotional and |attachment and positive |former foster mother and | | |and not having a |conscience, which |motivational forces |motivational force and |foster sibling who | | |father, which |distinguishes right |that affect behavior |stimulation in childhood. |sexually abused him, in | | |cumulated in his |and wrong behavior |and mental state on a |...
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