Antwone Fisher 1

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Antwone Fisher


Antwone Fisher is a young man with anger and temperament issues associated with childhood interpretation of physical and emotional abuse caused by the authoritarian figures of his family. Self-image and true self have been challenged, but the Navy as various events trigger tragic memories from the past. A psychiatrist played by Denzel Washington accepts the challenge to assist human development through various methods and intervention techniques. Furthermore, intervention helps to remove the layers of negative emotion and can be accomplished if the right counselor assists with proper intervention techniques.

Character Personality Matrix

|Theory |Major Components | | |Structure |Process |Growth and Development |Psychopathology |Change | |1.Rogerian Psychology |Self; Ideal Self |Antwone Fisher begins |Denzel Washington attempts|Antwone is protective of his |Denzel allows for | | | |the road to |to find a balance through |life because of the pain |Antwone to be move | | | |self-actualization as |trust- building and |associated with events during |forward at his own | | | |he seeks to find |unconditional |childhood. Thoughts and feelings|pace. Because the Navy | | | |agreement with his |understanding. Creating a |of shame impede progress and put|has an established rank| | | |ideal self and his |non-intimidating |the latch on exposure to anyone |structure, Denzel uses | | | |perceived self. Along |environment and |outside of his thoughts and |it to create guidelines| | | |the way he displays |establishing healthy |feelings. Hanging on to anger |and establish respect. | | | |episodes of anger as |alternatives to pressure |and aggressive behaviors serve |His hands-off initial | | | |“triggers” from his |and anger breaks down |as a rational technique |approach, utilizing | | | |past create confusion |defensiveness and |protecting him from his painful |silence and the clock, | | | |and incongruent |establishes congruent |past. |establishes trust and | | | |behavior. His views |behavior between perceived| |builds rapport. Denzel | | | |become distorted and |self and actual self. | |within reason showed | | | |his posture is | | |unconditional positive | | | |defensive. | | |regard for Antwone. | |2. Trait Theory Gordon|Traits |Antwone seems to |Inheritance plays a role |His behavior becomes extreme |There isn’t a formal | |Allport | |operate out of his |in Antwone’s life or the |because of the quick reaction to|model here. Change away| | | |response to past |search for his mother |repetitiously defend. He is not |from negative behavior | | | |events. His past, |would not have had as much|neurotic. However, his...

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