Antony's Funeral Speech Rhetorical Devices

Topics: Roman Republic, Julius Caesar, Rhetoric, Julius Caesar, Augustus, Mark Antony / Pages: 4 (882 words) / Published: May 24th, 2017
In Antony's funeral speech addressing the death of his dear friend Julius Caesar he uses different types of of rhetoric to one address Caesar's death ,and two to get a message across. The message was the reason and the people behind the death/murder of Caesar. His use of rhetoric allowed him to clearly develop a strong argument and persuade his fellow romans to rally to his side. He was able to sway them to help revenge the death of Caesar and help take back rome from these people. His use of these Rhetorical strategies allowed him to gain the support he needed to revenge the death of his friend. Antony arrives at Caesar's funeral and is ready to begin his speech he has promised Brutus that he would not speak bady or blame them for Caesar's death. However as the speech begins Antony takes a turn he begins to develope a different message. It is realized that he is not their to deliver a funeral speech ,but to seek justice for the death of his dear friend.He tells the people the of Rome that Caesar's death was no Honorable death and that its was a …show more content…
His statement reads “ If I were to dispose to stir your hearts and minds to mutiny and rage, I should do Brutus wrong, and Cassius wrong, who, you all know, are honorable men. I will not do them wrong”. He would then go on to throw them under the bus and blame them for the rightful murder of Caesar. He would state that they would go on and dip their napkins in Caesars sacred blood ,but still somehow beg for a slight memory of Caesar. He states that he will not do Brutus and Cassius wrong but then proceeds to blame them and wants the Citizens of rome to fall into mutiny and revenge Caesar's death. He does not directly say this ,but it's indirectly implied now with the minds of the Citizens stirred he is able to persuade them to take

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