Antony as a Great Leader

Topics: Roman Republic, Augustus, Leadership Pages: 3 (948 words) Published: October 13, 2008
Antony as a great leader

Expository Essay The decisions that one man makes can determine the length of life. Rome has many people that have the characteristics to be great leaders. Antony is a manipulative man, Brutus is an honorable man, and Octavius is a quiet strength. All three men would do an excellent job in leading Rome. Antony is a manipulative man. This is shown throughout the play in several cases, but most prominently at Caesar’s funeral. “I thrice presented him a kingly crown which he did thrice refuse. Was this ambition?” (III, ii, 96-96). Antony is very cleaver in the way that he presents his case to the people. He uses rhetorical questioning to show the people that Caesar was in fact not ambitious. Antony also played on the people’s greed, to influence them to his side. “I found it in his closet; ‘tis his will/and they would go kiss Caesar’s dead wounds…” (III, ii, 129, 132-133). Antony is very smart in the way he does this. He knows how to talk to the people to get them to believe his side of the story and revenge Caesar’s death. Likewise, Antony is conniving. He uses this strength by flattering Brutus, and falsely befriending the conspirators into letting him speak at Caesar’s funeral. “I doubt not of your wisdom. Let each man render me his bloody hand.” (III, i, 200-201). Antony presents his case in such a way that Brutus and the other conspirators think that he is on their side, when in fact he really is going to turn the common people against them to revenge Caesar’s death by creating a war. Furthermore, Brutus is an honorable man giving him the chance to be a great leader. Brutus is an idealist man, who is optimistic about assassinating Caesar. “Grant that, and then is death a benefit. So are we Caesar’s friends…” (III, i, 115). Brutus believes that with Caesar gone, Rome will greatly benefit. The common people will not be treated like bondsman, and Rome will not have someone who is driven by ambition to take over their country....
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