Antinatalsit Policies Vs Pro Natalist

Topics: Demography, Demographic economics, Population Pages: 2 (875 words) Published: March 22, 2015
Anti-natalist Policies Are More Effective than Pro-natalist Policies

The population size of a country can have strenuous effect on the economy and environment, to alter the population growth of their country some governments put in place policies to help change their population. Some countries around the world have and are too large of a population, putting strain of their resources and environment, this bring the government to create pro-natalist policies, incentivising having small families. On the other end of the scale, countries with declining population risk having few enough people to keep their infrastructure running or support the ‘dependant’ population. Anti-natalist policies aim to slow the population growth of a particular country or even put it in a decline. In 1979 China introduced a one-child policy, the policy stated that each family shall only have one child and if another child were to be born the parents would incur heavy fines or even forced sterilizations. The ‘One Child Policy’ has had an astounding effect on the population of China, without this policy it is estimated there would be another 400 million people in China. This policy has also had negative impacts, as when it was introduced male children were preferred as it was thought that they would become a greater achiever. This resulted in many abortions of women and has created a ratio of nearly 1.2 males to women, this may seem insignificant however this means that one in every five males will most likely not have children, putting a further decline in population growth. This large and fast decrease in the population is going to leave a large dependency ratio and tremendous strain on the economy to care for the large elderly and retired population. (refer to figure 1) The social effects of such a strict policy can cause the population to feel as though they are being denied their right to have families, as the policy is so harsh and restricting of the freedom of choice as the fines...
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