Antigua Guatemala

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Antigua Guatemala

As a colonial city with its conservative architectural styles of the past, Antigua street’s have bright colors and art on every wall and majestic volcanoes around the city which transcends you to its core. A contrast of beauty and history makes it one of the most visited tourist destinations in Guatemala country. The Antigua Guatemala means “Ancient Guatemala,” and was one of the most important cities of the country. The city was originally located in the Valley of Almolonga, but was destroyed by the torrents of lava that fell from the Volcan de Agua, or Volcano of Water, and by the Santa Marta Earthquake in 1773. The city was moved to its final destination where it is now in the Ermita Valley. Its beauty, art and architectural styles make Antigua Guatemala a unique city in the world. Some structures have been restored, and the city in its current condition is breathtaking and beautiful. Several cities in the world stand out for their beauty and history, but colonial cities like the City of Merida, Izamal, Valladolid (all in Mexico) and even Cuba, do not compare to the many features and qualities of Antigua Guatemala, which retained its cobblestone streets throughout the city.

Antigua Guatemala has seven avenues and seven streets designed as rectangle blocks. The cobblestone streets are the original design from the Spanish colonists. At night, the streets are regarded as the most magical sight, which is complimented by the lighting of colorful lanterns that hang above the streets. The antiquated carriages pulled by horses take a short tour around the small town: it is a true reminiscence of the old colonial times. Along the streets are colorful houses, prehistoric buildings, churches and ruins.

Antigua Guatemala’s attractions, apart from its breathtaking view and its streets, feel so magical. Its monuments and churches can be found on almost every street and avenue. The Ruins of Hospital of Our Lady of Belen is the place where...
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