Antigua and Barbuda

Topics: Antigua, Barbuda, Antigua and Barbuda Pages: 2 (580 words) Published: February 19, 2014

Why Antigua and Barbuda? Is an advertisement with the main aim of perusing the reader to consider spending her/his next holiday in the exotic islands of Antigua and Barbuda. By referring it to the island chain that has much to offer visitors of ‘’different’’ stripes , it is confirmed that these two island welcome and serves different ethnicities and ages of people around the globe ,with varying budgets, leaving the reader comfortable about the costs from the first paragraph already. This idea is backed up by the display of pictures of people enjoying different facilities around the island looking certainly content just like any other typical advertisement. However, the text does not deny the presence of posh and luxurious facilities specifically aimed to serve the rich like the ‘’ Tony K Club’’ and at the same time, does not maintain the emphasis to avoid creating hierarchies. The text is mainly about the favourable facilities served by these two exotic islands to fit the reader’s desire of relaxing and taking time out by enjoying the beach atmosphere with the whole family, her/his partner or alone. This ideal picture is accomplished by the repetition of the word ‘’Beach’’ throughout the whole text to captivate the reader’s attention and draw it to the image of the clear blue and pure water he could enjoy. Phrases like ‘’rugged mountain peaks ideal for mountain overviews’’ and ‘’winding roads lined by pineapple fields, with desert like conditions rounding the scenery’’ all serve to dulcify the whole idea of tropical and soothing holidays. The writer incorporates colourful descriptive language in order to sound persuasive in order to enable the reader to visualize the scenery. This is attained by the writer’s use of soothing colours like the blue colour of the water which stands for peacefulness, calmness and the green colour which in literature, is a symbol of hope and new life. All these aspects aim to facilitate the reader’s visualization and leave...
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