Antigone Tragic Characters

Topics: Poetics, Tragedy, Tragic hero Pages: 3 (1072 words) Published: March 21, 2012
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22 November 2011
In the story “Antigone” both characters, Antigone and Creon are examples of tragic characters. The tragic character is a man of noble stature. He is not an ordinary man, but a man with outstanding quality and greatness about him. This character causes his own downfall due to his own tragic flaw. Creon is a tragic character in the story because of his tragic flaw, his pride and failure to understand when he is wrong. This flaw causes the downfall of Creon because he does not listen to anyone when everyone was telling him to just stop and release Antigone. Antigone is also a tragic character in this story. She is a tragic character because she is stubborn and goes through an outburst of fear and self-pity after she is facing death. Antigone stays loyal to her family that slowly brings her to her down fall. In my opinion though I believe that Creon is the real tragic character because Creon is a perfect example of what Aristotle described in his book “Poetics.” In Aristotle’s book he describes a tragic character as a character that should have harmartia, peripetia, catharsis, and anagnorisis. Creon goes through all of these stages during the story. His character flaw is his excessive pride and inability to accept his wrong doings. Creon’s fortunes are reversed when everyone begins to go against him and when his wife and own son commit suicide. Creon releases his emotion after he learns about his wife’s and son’s death he goes through catharsis, and releases his feelings of grief. At the end of the story Creon finally realizes what he has done is wrong but it is too late for him to be able to change anything; Creon goes through anagnorisis at the end of the story. According to Aristotle these four terms are the key ideas in order for a character to be a tragic character. Creon easily meets these expectations with ease and that is why Creon is the true tragic character. Creon’s pride at...
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