Topics: Oedipus, Sophocles, Creon Pages: 4 (1729 words) Published: December 11, 2013
Antigone by Sophocles is an interesting play that I enjoyed reading. It was something different for me since I don’t ever read plays. After reading the play I thought this story would fit under a feminist approach, until I fully began to understand and analyze each character of the play. In this paper I will discuss how the major events of Antigone can be analyzed through the psychological approach point of view. I as well read each critic about Antigone and found some similarity and dissimilarity opinions about the play. I will also discuss rather if I agree or not with the critics on Antigone. It is a great play that I am looking forward to analyzing.

My favorite character in the play is Antigone. I know that she is a strong young girl who believes in what is right must be done, even if it means breaking the law and going against her uncle Creon. If it means risking her life to give her brother Polynices a proper burial she is willing to do it. Using the psychological approach I thought about what would influence Antigone to be so brave and risk her life. She knew the orders Creon gave was against the orders of the Gods, and her brother deserved a burial. Antigone doesn't feel that it is right for one brother (Eteocles) to be honored, though they were both killed under the same circumstances, and the other brother (Polynices) should be cursed and called a traitor. She knows that it is her flesh and blood out there without a burial and she refuses abandon him. When Antigone ask her sister Ismene to help with the burial of their brother, and Ismene reply it’s been made a crime in all of Thebes to do so, Antigone tells Ismene “Yes. I’ll do my duty to my brother/ and yours as well, if you’re not prepared to. /I won’t be caught betraying him” (Ant 57-59). Antigone will not desert her brother because of the love she has for him, and her religious faith in Gods laws were the two biggest factors which influenced her behavior to do the right thing and bury her brother...
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