Topics: Sophocles, Tragedy, Haemon Pages: 4 (1304 words) Published: December 3, 2013
To enable us to develop our knowledge of the social, cultural, historical and political aspects of Antigone, we created an off text improvisation where we played characters from Theban society -I was “A Female Citizen”- we read them out to the class so we could get an idea of people we could work with which was a good idea as it enabled us to engage with each other and incorporate more detail into our improvisation. Our improvisation was set in a market place, we each spoke of our feelings to each other, which showed the contrast in opinions towards Antigone(or her sister)/Creon. I admired Antigone for being strong enough to voice her beliefs as not many women in these times had the confidence to do so. I also learned that the daily trips to the water well-acted as an almost therapy session for a lot of women as this was the only place they could freely to voice their opinions without consequences. We incorporated this into the improvisation along with someone playing Antigone to see the people’s reactions as she walked past. I showed my admiration for her by bowing my head when she began walking towards me and I made my posture worse and almost cowered down as if I was scared of her; this showed that I had a lot of respect for her.

Our next task involved focusing on the characterisation of Creon so we re-wrote his first speech as king in our own interpretation. This was important as it helped us realise how differently his speech could be interpreted by different people. I chose to take a more modern approach to harshly juxtapose with the ancient take on the original. I did this by disposing of elder phrases and words such as “By royal edict”, “I scorn him” and “thus” and in which place used more commonly known words to our present such as “By duty and order”, “I despise him” and “therefore” this made the audience feel more comfortable as they are familiar with the dialect. Although I took a modern approach I decided to still rely on the Gods as...
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