Antibacterial Activity

Topics: Bacteria, Infection, Infectious disease Pages: 6 (292 words) Published: August 30, 2014

The Antibacterial Activity of Pansit-PansitanLeaves Extract (Peperomia pellucida) against Staphylococcus Aureus and Pseudomonasfluorescens Bacteria

Laurio, Marc Gabrielle B.
Malvas, Leif Ivan J.
Rosario, John Paul O.
Tanguilan, John Matthew I.
Calma, Charlotte S.
Diaz, Ma. Clarisse B.

In partial fulfilment for the requirement in Research I

Pitogo High School
S.Y 2014-2015

Ms.Lilibeth S. Lumapas

September 5, 2014
A. Background of the Study
In our developing world, there is continuous and urgent need to discover new antibacterial compounds with chemical structures and mechanisms of action for new and re-emerging infectious diseases. Medicinal plants and their essences are rich in antibacterial compounds which could be an alternative way to fight bacterial disease and also against different bacteria which are becoming resistant to medicines. Peperomia pellucida, also known as “pansit-pansitan” or “ulasiman bato” is one of the 10 herbal medicinal plants that were scientifically validated by the Philippine Department of Health in 2007 and an annual herb that is usually seen in shady damp areas. Peperomia pellucida leaves and stems may also be eaten as vegetable. This plant is proven to be an effective herbal medicine for many ailments. The use of plant extracts and phyto chemicals, both with known antimicrobial properties, can be of great significance in such treatments. A number of studies have been conducted in different countries to prove such efficiency. Many plants have been used because of their antibacterial traits, which are due to compounds synthesized in the secondary metabolism of the plant because of their active substances. We chose the study to investigate the effectiveness of extracts with antibacterial activity of Pansit-Pansitan against bacteria. B. Statement of the Problem

C. Significance of the Study

D. Scope and Limitations

E. Definition of Terms

Chapter II
Review of Related Literature
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