Anti Smacking

Topics: Violence, Child discipline, Violent crime, Crime / Pages: 2 (500 words) / Published: Aug 20th, 2013
Smacking, should it be allowed or against the law?
The issue of smacking has been an ongoing debate for many years now. About 10% of parents smack their child and see nothing wrong with it. 20% of parents never smack their children and 70% of parents smack their children but wish they didn’t. So why do we smack our kids?
Supposedly smacking is meant to discipline children and give them a better behavioural structure. If this is so, then why are many adults who were smacked as kids committing violent crimes or have anger problems? There are so many different and easy ways to discipline a child without having physical contact with them in a harmful way.
Smacking may stop the unwanted behaviour for a short amount of time but generally is only temporary and the disruption will most likely happen again. It does not teach the kid what to do sometimes the child may become angry or hurt that they have trouble remembering the reason for this harsh punishment.
Children who are smacked would focus on the punishment rather than what they did wrong or why they behaved in such a way. They may start to believe that once they have been smacked everything is now okay. This could lead to ways of avoiding smacks such as lying or blaming others. They could become unreliable and this could carry out into later years; into their teens and further into their adulthood.
To a child, a smack would look as simple as hitting someone. This gives them the message that it is okay to hit people and violence is a satisfactory way to fix issues and achieve the outcome you desire. Bullying behaviour could develop as children distinguish this type of violence as a mean of control.
There are better ways to discipline children. What happened to the good old time out? Send your child to the naughty corner or their bedroom or laundry. This idea works well as the child is to stay there until they have calmed down and realised what they have done wrong. It puts the kid out of harm’s way and allows

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