Anti Piracy Paper

Topics: Copyright infringement, Computer program, Mass media Pages: 1 (386 words) Published: October 7, 2010
I believe, and have always believed, that software piracy is morally wrong and is rightfully totally illegal. Although software is not always a tangible object one can physically buy at the local store, it is still indeed a product, and was made by someone as part of their job. Stealing a product from a software creator is no different than stealing from a store, family members, or others. In a way, software creation is like farming a crop. The software creator has an idea, plants it into his work and then creates it from thin air, after carefully perfecting and nurturing the software to be sold as a product to the world. Although the software is not a crop, stealing it would be just as morally wrong as walking up to a farmer and stealing a bag of potatoes from his stand.

Although there are many ways to pirate software easily and efficiently, that does not make it any less dangerous or against the law. The public’s view on the matter is greatly morphed from actuality, and most people just honestly don’t know it is wrong, or that it’s even illegal. Programs like bearshare, limewire, frostwire, and the original napster take advantage of the public’s unawareness and capitalize on it. These programs aid the public in illegally downloading millions of songs, TV media, and software. Because of the ease of access and carefree downloading, many Americans use one of these many programs, and take away millions of dollars from the media industry.

If this new way of downloading media continues to increase and strengthen itself over time, the media industry could collapse in on itself due to insufficient funds and a lack of profit. Although it is cheaper for the consumer, one must also look at how they are hurting the millions of people that work in the industry. Sure, the main actors, singers, producers or other high up workers may still be making millions, but all the behind the scenes people working to make the stars millions continue to lose their jobs or get a cut...
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