Anti Intellectualism Why We Hate The Smart Kids Analysis

Topics: Education, High school, School, Teacher, Race, Racism / Pages: 3 (617 words) / Published: Oct 25th, 2017
Is Brawn is Better than Brains?: A Response to ¨Anti-Intellectualism: Why We Hate the Smart Kids¨ “Anti-Intellectualism: Why We Hate the Smart Kids” by Grant Penrod is an essay written by a college student from Arizona State University, who writes about his perspective on a particular high school ideal. His thesis explains the three reasons he believes society dislikes intellectuals. His first reasons are the social stereotypes that are present early in high school with physical activities and intellectual activities. His second reasons are the public’s examples of celebrities that have became successful without an education. His final reason is the monetary obsessions that are desired rather than intellectual prosperity. It is for these reasons, Penrod explains, why we hate the smart kids. …show more content…
However, you can't blame them for not remembering these individuals. I think that if you look back in human history you will find evidence that physical activity draw a much larger crowd than intellectual ones, because of the entertainment factor. Look at the Ancient Romans, they built the famous Roman Coliseum to mainly host battles. Next, look at all of the NFL stadiums that are built to host football games. Both are places you would or would’ve gone for entertainment. It isn't necessarily that people dislike intellectuals, it’s just that physical entertainment is usually more enjoyable in most societies than intellectual entertainment, therefore you are more susceptible to remember the star athlete rather than the star

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