Anti Gravity

Topics: General relativity, Gravitation, Newton's laws of motion Pages: 1 (283 words) Published: January 8, 2013
Anti-gravity is the idea of creating a place or object that is free from the force of gravity. It does not refer to the lack of weight under gravity experienced in free fall or orbit, or to balancing the force of gravity with some other force, such as electromagnetism or aerodynamic lift. Anti-gravity is a recurring concept in science fiction. In Newton's law of universal gravitation, gravity was an external force transmitted by unknown means. Under general relativity, anti-gravity is impossible except under contrived circumstances. "Anti-gravity" is often used colloquially to refer to devices that look as if they reverse gravity even though they operate through other means, e.g.  Anti-gravity is a concept that focuses on creating a means of being free from the force of gravity. The idea has long been a staple in many works of science fiction and is often employed as a tool that allows persons to manipulate the gravitational pull of a planet or other body to best advantage. Over the years, this has led to the imagination of all sorts of anti-gravity devices ranging from anti-gravity boots that allow persons to minimize the impact of gravity on the wearer to massive anti-gravity devices that make escaping the atmosphere of a planet a simple process. It is important to note that the underlying principle of anti-gravity does not involve the elimination of gravity per se. Instead, anti-gravity methods and devices seek to free a particular object from the forces of gravity that continues to function normally on all other objects within the scope of the gravitational pull.

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