Anti-Gay Bullying Stereotypes and Suicides

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Anti-Gay Bullying Stereotypes and Suicides

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Anti-Gay Bullying Stereotypes and Suicides
Anti-gay bulling has increased over the years. There are more gays and lesbians committing suicide as a result. Asher Brown, a 13-year-old Houston, Texas teen committed suicide because he could not take the daily ridiculing of being bullied at school for years. Asher was being picked on because his classmates assumed he was gay. They also made fun of him because of his size, his religion, and because he did not wear name brand clothing and shoes. Some of his classmates went as far as performing mock gay acts on him in physical education. His parents had complained about the bullying to Hamilton Middle School officials during the past 18 months, but no one listened to their concerns. He was ridiculed the day before his suicide when another student tripped him as he walked down a flight of stairs at his school. The other student then kicked his books everywhere and kicked him down the stairs. On the morning of his suicide he told his father that he was gay. Asher was found dead that afternoon on the floor of his stepfather’s closet after shooting himself (O’Hare, 2010).

There are a few stereotypes about gays. One of the stereotypes is that gay people want everyone else to have their same sexual orientation. There are others that are just ignorant because people think that you are gay because you are friends with someone who is gay and you will become gay. Another stereotype is that gay people will give you AIDS. These stereotypes are perpetuated through learned behavior. Most of these children that teased Asher learned about these things from society. They hear adults, other children, and even television shows that portray these stereotypes in gays. Children tend to learn their beliefs from those that are closest like their parents and...

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