Anti Federalist Paper

Topics: U.S. state, United States Constitution, Federal government of the United States Pages: 2 (383 words) Published: September 26, 2010
Anti Federalist Paper

When the Constitution was first drafted it unknowingly started the creation of the Anti Federalists. The Anti Federalists were a group of people that did not want the Constitution because they believed it would bring a strong central government, which they absolutely did not like. Anti Federalist believed that a strong central government would bring tyranny and violate the citizen’s natural rights.

One of the biggest objections the Anti federalists had towards the Constitution was the Elastic clause. Said clause stated that the government was able to do anything that’s“ necessary and proper” to protect the nation. The Anti Feds viewed this as giving the government boundless power to do whatever they saw fit. The Anti Feds also thought the Constitution didn’t preserve enough states’ rights. They wanted the states to hold most of the power. They also believe that having a president might eventually lead to a monarchy. When it came to representation the Anti Feds seemed to hit another obstacle. Anti Feds favored shorter terms and direct election, where as Federalists, supporters of the constitution, wanted longer terms and indirect election.

Anti Federalist concerns are still on arise even today between state government and federal government. More and more today they’re cases where the federal government meddle in state government affairs. For example the drinking age limit has to be set to 21 or else the states road funding will be ceased. This is the federal governments way of controlling states government with there power over revenue. Also there is still indirect election, where the only people that citizens do elect are the representatives. All other officials are elected by other officials within the government. The same problems the Anti Federalist were dealing with are the same problems that the government is dealing with today.

Anti Federalist didn’t want a strong central government because they were afraid it would...
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