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Anti-Federalist Essay

By sassyfoxy Dec 08, 2012 293 Words
Kinnesha Queh Queh/1 Ms. Floyd
9th Adv. Amer. Gov. /3
6 December 2012
Anti-Federalist Essay
The Anti-Federalists have their reasons & the Federalists have theirs. I’m against the idea of a central government and how the freedom of the states should be. The Constitution gives Congress the power to demolish all the branches and have absolute power or what William F. stated, “an iron-handed despotism.” The Congress should not have that much power to take down all three. The branches should have co-equal powers. If there is a central government, it will result in a dictatorship, or one ruling person. There could be a time where a ruling person could take interest in their personal desires and take away the states’ rights and freedom. Just in case that happens, a Bill of Rights should be included. If there’s no Bill of Rights how can citizens know they will always have their freedom? Also, a territorial area cannot be governed just by the freedom of the states. There should be official, ground laws of how things should be, but also taking the citizens’ rights into consideration. When a problem arises, that part of the government should take care of it. One central government cannot govern the states alone though. If there’s one central government, it’s highly likely that several problems will be overlooked which could result in controversy. The reasons I stated above are just the main reasons as to why I oppose the Constitution. Our reasons aren’t just nonsensical conjectures. I believe that ratifying the Constitution isn’t the right road to go. I believe we could find a better, united, stronger way to take. You choose. Would you like it if your freedom and rights were being controlled?

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