 Anti Corruption Commission in Bangladesh to Combat Corruption

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The Anti Corruption Commission in Bangladesh to combat corruption


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Anti Corruption Commission in Bangladesh 2
Evolution of ACC2
Chairman & commissioners3
Functions of the commission4
Organogram, ACC6
Objectives of the ACC:7
Plan of Action of the ACC:8
Challenges of ACC in Bangladesh:8
Prospects of ACC in Bangladesh:11
References 15

The issue of eradication and prevention of corruption is a much-discussed topic in the national life of Bangladesh. The political parties in power apparently tried to express their grave concern over corruption in the society and the administrative system. They also seemed to be eager to curb it through different programs. During consecutive tenures of the last one and a half decades of the elected governments, the statements of the two major political parties were often dominated by the call to toke an all-out action against rampant corruption. The internal social forces and the donor groups have identified corruption as the primary hindrance to development throughout the decade when Bangladesh topped the list of corrupt countries for five consecutive years (2001-2005) as per Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI). But it is a pity that the people have always been given hope of eradicating corruption by every government over the past 36 years. The situation before 11 January 2007 was, indeed, bleak. Bangladesh became a safe heaven for plunderers of people’s wealth under the active support of the state governance. The people in the government and their family members were thoroughly involved in corruption. A group of politicians, senior officials, businessmen, and industrialists seemed to be above the law as they carried don with their misdeeds. They had no remorse in bartering away the national interest for personal gains. The CTG took initiative at the very outset to put the most corrupt elements before the court for speedy trial as it was futile to think of any strong anti corruption institutions unless the trial of offences committed by the policy makers and the implementations catalysts of development plans was ensured. In presenting the account of activities for the period of February 2007 to June 2008, this report intends to show that the prosecuted corrupt people are closely related to the trial process and hence can influence the proper inquires and investigations carried out by the ACC officials. The ACC can only ensure administrative accountability and proper monitoring of the world done by its personnel. But we need to keep in mind that during the last 50 years, it was hardly possible to obtain any conviction against an influential politician or bureaucrat in this subcontinent for any massive corruption. We do not hesitate to admit that it may not be3 possible to reach this goal by taking some special measures under the Emergency Power Rules (EPR). We have, therefore, strived in our limited extent to put forward some issues of the trial process in higher courts in this report. We have made an effort to reveal the nature and the complexity of the problem, thus, making our future course of action smooth. It is not our intention to malign or defame any individual or institution while deliberating on these issues.

Anti Corruption Commission in Bangladesh:
Anti Corruption Commission Bangladesh (ACC) was created through an act promulgated on 23 February 2004 that into force on 9 May 2004. Although initially, it could not make the desired impact, but immediately following its reconstitution in February 2007, the ACC began working with renewed vigor and impetus duly acceding to the...

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