Anti-Belieber Rant

Topics: Celebrity, Kurt Cobain, Sharon Osbourne Pages: 2 (660 words) Published: November 3, 2012
Belieber Rant
Sounds harmless and slightly pathetic?
Well, yes, but the Belieber is the most deranged superfan-club ever established and it’s hyperbolic mass hysteria will leave your ears ringing and your normal music taste heavily distorted. In its native land of the highly-popular social media network Twitter, it prefers to see itself as a vital member of the food chain and that, without it, it would cease to exist. No, just no.

I’m pretty sure that’d only be true if everyone else finally packed up and migrated to get as far away from them as possible. The 18 year-old Canadian pop star, Justin Bieber, didn’t realise what beast he was about to unleash when he was rapidly launched into stardom back in 2009, with the overly-manufactured instant hit ‘One Time’. Maybe someone should’ve realised and somehow prevented it… if only I had a time machine. The term Belieber launched soon after in early 2010. They are mostly pre-teen and teen girls who obsessively defend and support their idol and may resort to extreme methods to protect him against anything they deem as a ‘threat’ - towards themselves or him - such as issuing death threats to women connected to the popstar, and defacing the website Wikipedia after he failed to win a Grammy. Admittedly, over the last couple of years, his sound has matured and become more tolerable. Slightly. If only we could say the same about the Belieber. Back in the early days of the fan club, they were annoying teeny-boppers, but as time has passed they have gradually become more emotionally unhinged and attached to the ‘cardboard cut-out’ of a popular culture singer. Although you’d probably expect rock music fans on Twitter to be the more violent and darker fan clubs, the Beliebers are the fan club members that are far more likely to be banned from the site due to various types of bullying, in some extreme cases them escalating to death threats. And everyone expects cheesy music lovers to be all sunshine and...
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