Anti-Anti-Bullying Speech

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We as a nation have many problems to deal with such as, the economy, crime, war, and trillions of dollars in national debt. One ‘problem’ I feel is not an issue is kids just frankly being kids, this many people call bullying, I call it life. Our country was not found, it was built. America has the strongest armed forces in the world, this starts with a strong civilian class. To keep it this way we need to also have strong children. I, in no way, justify sexual or physical abuse among peers; however, kids have been teased by their siblings and their classmates for generations. Being teased is something; I and all of us have grown up with and learning how to handle this, makes us stronger. Our religion tells us to ‘turn the other cheek’; our parents stress ‘keep your hands to yourself’. Now, you need to be extremely careful what you even say to anyone for fear in some way it may be interpreted as ‘bullying’. The Huffington post states, ‘Obama Administration Vows To Make It (Bullying) A 'National Priority'’. The Department of Health and Human Services and even the Center for Disease Control have formed strong standards about bullying. According to the U.S. Department of education, from 1999 to 2010, more than one hundred and twenty bills were enacted by state legislatures from across the country to either introduce or amend statues that address bullying. Enough is enough!

Dr. Lori Evans, from the New York University Medical Center stated to Fox News, “If I tease you, and you tease me back, than we are equal – and that’s not bullying. But if someone has status, power or clout – than you’ve reached the realm of bullying.”
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