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Topics: Male, Sex, Female Pages: 3 (1114 words) Published: September 25, 2006
Mr. Prime Minister,
My time with the Americans at the University of Richmond has led me to the theory that although some small portion of their time is allocated to economic pursuits, much of the day is composed of attracting a mate, especially for the male sex. Body language, eating habits, oral communication and social gatherings play a large role in the pursuit of the opposite sex. I had a chance to observe the nonverbal behavior of the male American during my Introduction to History: The Crusades class in detail, since they outnumbered the women twenty to four. Since the class consisted largely of lecture and note taking, interruptions by the students were few and far between, and any carnal or emotional attractions were very secretive. The private nature of correspondence was also aided by the fact that the students were grouped together in a very small, square space, sitting as if linked by a common ankle chain. Each person was provided with a confining box that they were forced to sit in, with bars around the corners. The males often made seemingly innocent movements towards the female nearest them, such as throwing a pencil so that their favored prey would be forced to pick it up. If the female ignored the gesture, the male was forced to awkwardly shift out of his confinement and regain possession himself. If the female were to pick it up for the male, however, it was seen as a sign of progress in the relationship. Smiles were exchanged, and the bravest of the males would also blink their eye once towards the female. This motion verifies that the male is interested in intercourse with the female, but is sometimes seen as too forward. Later in the class, whispers of conversation were struck up about unimportant topics such as the previous night's assignment, the weather, or the terrible food at the university. The goal of this banter for the male was to seem similar to the female by agreeing with anything she would say, and to ascertain common ground...
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