Anthropology Research Assignment

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HSP3M Research Assignment
by: Stella Kandrac
Anthropologist/Ethologist Jane Goodall
Jane Goodall was born on April 3 1934 and is currently alive at the age of seventy eight. She lived in London, England and started her adventures studying chimpanzees in Tanzania. Jane is best known for creating astonishing studies of our primates during modern times when she was in Tanzania observing their behaviour. She had a father named  Mortimer Herbert Goodall, a mother named Margaret Myfanwe Joseph and a sister, Judy Goodall. Jane's interest in animal behaviour started when she was just a little girl. In her spare time she would bird watch, take notes of animals behaviour and loved to read about zoology and ethology. Goodall received two school certificates, one in 1950 and a higher one in 1952. When she was eighteen she became a secretary at Oxford Uni. She worked at a variety of places to fund for her desired trip to Africa. Through some friends she met Anthropologist Louis Leaky, he hired her as a secretary and let her participate in a dig in Olduvai Gorge which was spread with prehistoric human remains of our early ancestors.

Jane Goodall didn't have a college degree nor any scientific knowledge but Leaky decided he would let her study chimpanzees because she had proper temperament to tolerate isolation in the wild. Goodall's first attempt to get close to a group of chimpanzees didn't work out, she only got to 500 yards before they got startled and left, her persistence allowed them to get closer to her. She discovered the previously unknown behaviours such as hunting, eating meat and the use of tools. After Dr. Leaky saw this he said "now we must redefine tool and man, or chimps as humans". Jane eventually got her PHD in Ethology from Cambridge University in 1965. In 1977 she founded the Jane Goodall institute to benefit the people in Africa who are living in poverty. To spread the word about conserving animals she founded many educational programs for young people. Her work got the attention of the United nations, she was known as "the messenger of peace". She witnessed an Alpha male winning the supremacy over the other males by aggression. He has the right to mate with all of the females, the remaining males aren't allowed to mate with females as long as the alpha is in charge. Eventually a younger male would defeat an aging alpha and take his place.

Goodall's research has helped anthropologists see what the human kingdom could've been like a million years ago. Anthropologists were able to state that our early ancestors had a highly developed social structure mainly based on aggression and intimidation. Overall Goodall's work has led to publications of articles and five books! She was highly respected and taught us the treatment of chimpanzees that were used for scientific research.

I think that Jane Goodall is so down to earth and a huge sweet-heart. Her compassionate stories of all the books she has written touched the hearts of many people and continue to do so, all she wanted was a more human view of wildlife. Psychologist Carl Jung

Carl Jung was born on July 26 1875, and died on June 6 1961 in Zurich suffering from an illness, he was a Switzerland psychologist that was known for studying Dream analysis, Archetypes, and the unconscious mind. He was born in Kessswil Switzerland, had a father named Paul Achilles Jung, and a mother named Emilie Preiswerk. Carl was the lucky of the three siblings he had, they had all died and he was the only one to survive. He was an introvert and loved being left alone with his thoughts, and wasn't very social as a child and got bullied frequently by classmates. He started feeling sick and fainted just thinking about school. Doctors thought that he had epilepsy. Carl decided to take a break from school and eventually got back on track and started his academic career again. Even though he still got sick from time to time he did not back down. Carl even got married in 1903 to a...

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