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The findings in my survey highly suggest that it neither helps nor affects the brain

while studying. Through the results of the survey it showed that both male and

female grade averages vary from student to student and whether they listen to

music or not has no relevance to their grade averages. In the results of the survey it

showed that females have higher-grade averages than males in general, this may be

because in our results it also showed that females often spend more time studying

for test by 12.6%. more than males. Also the results showed that males listen to

music more than females while studying by 18.7% more. Although this survey

covered all the basic questions that would be asked in the process of studying this

topic it had several limitations to it. The participants that took part in this survey

may not have been completely honest in their answers also it was a very limited

amount of participants that took place in the questionnaire. Another limitation the

survey would have could be the time period that survey was taken. Right now is

stressful for teenagers with exams and work so answers could vary depending on

the time period. The overall study of the topic and the survey itself is reliable

because it is a valid topic to research for psychologists and sociologists. It allows

them to expand on their research not only with the individual topic that is being

surveyed but also an out look on how the mind of a teenager works. It can also

allow for the sociologists to visually see what the trends are for teenagers in society

now and how much they are affected by it. At some points in the study it was

stressful and very tense, for example getting a survey back from a student and

seeing random answers on the page, then having to go and find other students to re-

take the questionnaire to get proper answers. It was also stressful due to the fact of...
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