Anthrax in Bangladesh

Topics: Cattle, Bangladesh, Meat Pages: 2 (621 words) Published: April 12, 2013

Even though the disease anthrax is not directly related with the time or season of a year still the time affected the price and demand change. Because when the disease was taking an epidemic form coincidentally that was the time of our religious festival Eid-ul-fitr. Usually during the time of eid the sales of meet and meet products go high. But due to the anthrax issue the market of beef just went downwards. Because the prices just went down and still there was no one to buy beef because of the panicky situation. Thousands of shops selling beef in the capital Dhaka were deserted as panicked consumers turned their backs on red meat - with sales down more than 90 per cent since the outbreak began which was immediately before the eid. “We used to slaughter 5000 cows a day in Dhaka," the head of the country's meat traders' association Rabiul Alam said. But last Thursday, for instance, "we slaughtered less than 100 cows," he said."The price of beef has dropped significantly but still no one is buying - there is no demand for beef now," he said. Alam said unless the outbreak was brought under control and the public's confidence in beef restored ahead of Eid-al Azha, it could seriously damage the cattle industry, which contributes about five per cent to gross domestic product. Bangladesh's export-orientated leather processing industry has also been hard hit by the anthrax outbreak, with many tanneries sitting idle as the sharp fall in the number of cattle slaughtered has limited the supply of hides. Bangladesh exported leather and leather goods worth 32 billion taka ($A485.26 million) last year, according to the export promotion bureau. The bulk of exports are of processed leather to shoe factories in countries such as Spain and China. Last year, 70 per cent of cow hides exported came from cattle slaughtered during Eid-al Fitr and Eid-al Azha, said Rashid Bhuiyan, chairman of the Bangladesh Leather Industry Association. "As...
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