Anthony James Barr

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Anthony James Barr

1940 (age 73–74)
New York
Other names
Tony Barr, Jim Barr
Alma mater
North Carolina State University
Programming languageDesigner, Software Engineer,Inventor
Anthony James Barr, aka Tony Barr or Jim Barr (born 1940) is an American programming language designer, software engineer, and inventor. Among his notable contributions are the Statistical Analysis System (SAS), automated lumber yield optimization, and the Automated Classification of Medical Entities (ACME). Contributions

Statistical Analysis System (SAS)
Widely used internationally in science, government, industry, and academia, the SAS System was founded by Barr in 1966.[1] In September 1966, in Athens, Georgia, he presented the conceptual ideas of SAS to members of the Committee on Statistical Software of the University Statisticians of the Southern Experiment Stations (USSES).[2] Barr had earlier created an analysis-of-variance modeling language inspired by the notation of statistician Maurice Kendall. He developed it in assembly language on the IBM 1410, as a graduate student at North Carolina State University from 1962 to 1963. Dr. A. Grandage, author of IBM 650 analysis-of-variance programs, advised on some of the statistical computations.[3] This was followed by a multiple regression program with a flexible input format and with algebraic transformation of variables, in 1963 to 1964. Drawing on those programs, along with his experience with structured data files, he created SAS, placing statistical procedures into a formatted file framework.[2] Barr's experience with structured data files was gained while working on the Formatted File System, (see below). From 1966 to 1968, Barr developed the fundamental structure and language of SAS.[2] In 1968, Barr began collaboration with others. Barr designed and implemented the programming language, data management, report writing, and systems areas of the evolving system.[4] In...
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