Anthony in Blue Alsatia Analysis

Topics: Eleanor Farjeon, Harry Farjeon, Herbert Farjeon Pages: 3 (1137 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Eleanor Farjeon (13 February 1881 – 5 June 1965) was an English author of children's stories and plays, poetry, biography, history and satire. Eleanor Farjeon was born in London, England on 13 February, 1881. The daughter of popular novelist Benjamin Farjeon and Maggie (Jefferson) Farjeon, Eleanor came from a literary family, her two younger brothers, Joseph and Herbert Farjeon, being writers, while the eldest, Harry Farjeon, was a composer. She won many literary awards and the prestigious Eleanor Farjeon Award for children's literature is presented annually in her memory by the Children's Book Circle, a society of publishers. Eleanor Farjeon wrote delightful and distinctive poems for children. Her first novel was "Ladybrook", a tale of Sussex country life which retained that delicate humorous touch which characterized the work she did for children. Her sensitiveness to beauty and true understanding of the essential qualities of romance find expression in this charming rhapsody. The text under analysis is “Anthony in blue alsatia”. It tells us about the imaginary travel of Anthony— the somehow—protagonist to the place where the Blue Alsatian Express suffered a breakdown. The central idea of the story is that one should catch his luck if such opportunity is given to him. And the author’s message is that a reading person, with strong imagination could travel wherever his imagination might take him. The story begins with the description of our protagonist who with his “roving eye” reads, or more to say “skips” through his breakfast newspaper. The contents of the morning paper is boring as usual— the enumeration reflects the lifelessness of these news: “Home Rails, Questions in the House, and Three—Piece Suits”, so we see the boredom of his morning. The situation changes when he tumbles on some unusual article, he becomes interested and his “eye roved no more”. Reading the article he turns his attention to some facts, the author point them out with the enumeration...
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