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When to Retire a Running Shoe By: Gina Kolata
Gina Kolata interviewed Ryan Hall one of the best distance runners in the world on his opinion on what is an appropriate time to replace running shoes. Ryan Hall says after running 200 miles he changes his running shoes willingly. He approximately goes through two pairs of running shoes per month. He was asked “why so frequently?” Ryan mentioned that his health is very vital to him. And he likes to make sure his equipment is in tip top shape and fresh. Gina Kolata displayed mixed feelings throughout the interview. Just knowing that Ryan Hall is sponsored by “Asics” a huge running shoe brand. Kolata is aware that he doesn’t have to pay for his shoes “but the rest of us do”. Asics shoes priced at 100 dollars a pair, “they are not cheap by Gina Kolata. Overall, Mr. Hall reason for constant replacements for his shoes was when running in threadbare shoes you have to change them. If not, it can lead to injuries that can take months to heal. Can cause slight injuries like a jam toe or a sprain ankle. Gina also interviewed Gavin Thomas a Nike spokesman on a “shoes life span”. Gavin Thomas believes it depends on the type of shoe. Is the shoe lightweight or heavy? Depending on people running weight and running style can affect the life span on a running shoe> Runners who are light on their feet can wear shoes longer than people who are heavy and pound the ground when they run. Gavin also included people who run on soft surface instead of hard surfaces will increase a running shoe life span. After 300 -400 miles ran in a shoe will most likely lead to a replacement of shoes. Because it wouldn’t feel the same way it used to feel. A sign that the shoe is worn out. Gina Holata concluded that most can probably be used past the 400 miles limit...
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