Anthony's Dilemma Story - Essay

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Anthony’s Dilemma Story

Anthony it’s always important to use proper tone, words, and etiquette when writing to your classmates or instructors. In your response it’s important to be clear who your talking to because there’s a fine line between professional and personal. Keep in mind of your audience. When you started you said, “Hi Guys” that greeting is more personal then professional. I can see why that might be offensive to woman because you use phrase like that throughout your response to your discuss question. It seems as if your response is towards your male classmates instead of to everyone. Try to use appropriate greeting in your message. Try saying, “Hi everyone” for example.

It is necessary for others to feel you have given thoughtful consideration to what you are writing. You want to seem as open and welcoming as mush as possible. A key tip would be to try to read your writing out loud to see how your words might come across to your classmates or instructors. That way you can hear yourself and see how it may sound, and you will know for yourself how that may make a person feel. As I read further in your response you make a statement saying, “you figured you would polish up on your etiquette while talking to some of the good old boys at the top.” One of the many challenges with communicating online is that we have to depend on words to get our point across. Without hearing or seeing how a person may say something can easily be taken the wrong way.

When trying to communicate through writing you need to be careful in the words you choose, so you won’t be misunderstood. Try to avoid careless jokes or comments that may come back to you with someone being offended. You end your response by saying, “you recommend that any man who wants to advance in the business world should seriously consider brushing up on his etiquette”. This can easily come off as being insensitive. Be carefully and mindfully about the things you say in your messages. You have to...
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