Anthem: The Council Showed How To Control A Man

Topics: Ayn Rand, Saddam Hussein, United States Pages: 2 (661 words) Published: February 27, 2013
To control a man, the dictators, or in this case the council, must enslave a man’s body and mind body and his mind too, in the book Anthem, a book by Ayn Rand. The council shows how easy it is to do so. The council created the unmentionable times, which was before the Rebirth and the Great Script fire. After that, they had to follow rules, which were to be a collective society; those rules caused everyone to be one. Another thing is the punishment they use and how it did not affect Equality at all.

The council showed us how easy it was for them to control man. One way was that they made the Rebirth and the Great Script Fires. The Great Script Fires was The Council burned all the books in the world, so that there would be no proof of the unmentionable times. The Unmentionable Times was the time before the Rebirth. The Council started controlling man from birth, by using no stimulation or communication. As they grew up they changed from house to house, but when they were ready for a job, The Council picked it for them. When they do pick it, they go by the looks of the person. For example, Equality wanted to be in the Home of the Scholars, but he was sent to the Home of the Street Sweepers to be a street sweeper for the rest of his life or until he couldn’t work anymore, then we would go the Home of the Useless.

The Council also made strict rules that had to be followed by everyone. That was one of the ways that they got people to obey them. Also they engraved these rules from birth on, so that is all the people know, except for the people in the Home of the Useless in the book Anthem. In this book Equality starting thinking differently than others from birth, but he still knew and mostly followed the rules. These rules did not affect him at all. He tried to rebel anyway that he could without getting caught. The Council does show how it easy it to control man, but there were still flaws in the system, just look at Equality and how he got away from them so...
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